Khemmis’ Phil Pendergast on their upcoming tour, staying true to themselves, and much more!


By now, Khemmis is a household name for any house that counts doomed heavy metal as law. And for good reason, across four full lengths and a handful of EPs and singles they’ve trod their own path and created something musically that has no equal. It’s heavy as lead, super emotional, and about as down to earth as it can be. They’ve garnered spots on best of lists around the world for each release and their star shines brighter each and every time out. Just ahead of a huge tour with Opeth and Mastodon, Buke sat down with vocalist and guitarist Phil Pendergast to discuss said tour and how it came to be and the fact that they’ve somehow been labeled a non touring band, how important it is to stay true to themselves, how difficult it was navigating their friend and ex bassist Dan departing during the pandemic, and a whole smorgasbord of other topics. We now present that conversation to you in its entirety so grab a beer, a chair, and enjoy.

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Album Review: Khemmis — “Deceiver”

Khemmis - Deceiver

Long have we waited for new Khemmis to grace our halls.  It’s been three years since the Denver doom wizards released a full-length. In that time, quite a lot has transpired both internally and externally for the now-trio.  Deceiver marks the band’s debut with Nuclear Blast, and it also showcases the band at their most introspective and at the peak of their musical prowess.  Fun fact: Khemmis was almost the first concert Angela and I went to, but I was too nervous to ask her to go with me because I thought she would think I was a weirdo because of my musical tastes.  Look at us now, reviewing this album together!

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Album Review: Khemmis – “Desolation”

Khemmis - Desolation

Denver’s Khemmis took the fast lane to acclaim on debut Absolution and quickly followed it with the ante-upper Hunted and now return with Desolation which will catapult the band into a stratosphere they’ve yet to see. And it should because it’s THAT good. Take everything that made those first two a success, split it, mix it, swirl it and make it, for lack of a better word, better and you have this album. Weird right? Not really, since in my opinion bands with any salt at all will do their best to better themselves and their craft. Khemmis are hungry and it shows time and again. Here they’ve topped themselves but more than that have truly entered the all exclusive hall of heavy metal legends and with three albums of top quality I can’t see this stopping anytime soon. Continue reading

Album Review: Khemmis – “Hunted”

Khemmis - Hunted

In order to reach the same pinnacle as last year’s breakout debut Absolution, Khemmis must follow up with something more than special on their second full length Hunted. And this four piece has found a way to not only reach that lofty goal but eclipse it. Their slow burn doom is still incendiary but the classic rock/metal approach here is second to none. That was what made Absolution such an overnight success but here it’s better, more focused and broader in scope than it was just a year ago. Khemmis leave no doubt with this triumphant second album that they are no flash in the pan. Continue reading