Khemmis’ Phil Pendergast on their upcoming tour, staying true to themselves, and much more!


By now, Khemmis is a household name for any house that counts doomed heavy metal as law. And for good reason, across four full lengths and a handful of EPs and singles they’ve trod their own path and created something musically that has no equal. It’s heavy as lead, super emotional, and about as down to earth as it can be. They’ve garnered spots on best of lists around the world for each release and their star shines brighter each and every time out. Just ahead of a huge tour with Opeth and Mastodon, Buke sat down with vocalist and guitarist Phil Pendergast to discuss said tour and how it came to be and the fact that they’ve somehow been labeled a non touring band, how important it is to stay true to themselves, how difficult it was navigating their friend and ex bassist Dan departing during the pandemic, and a whole smorgasbord of other topics. We now present that conversation to you in its entirety so grab a beer, a chair, and enjoy.

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Khemmis is signed with Nuclear Blast Records. For more information on Khemmis and for all the upcoming tour dates and tickets, visit their official website.

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