CANTO: RIP Jon Rossi, Amenra Record Release Show, Rock am Ring, and More


10/31/2017. It’s Halloween. That is all.

For The Demented will be out this coming Friday. So… get on that and stuff.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– cmb

Concert Review: Pilgrim and Heavy Temple, 3/11/2017


Disclosure: there were actually four bands on this particular bill. After a bit of a delay in getting into the venue, I missed most of Manic Abraxas. And since I had a drive ahead of me and was traveling with a party of people that were on varying levels of intoxication, I missed the headlining Hessian. So it goes. Regardless, this was a tremendously fun evening, and both Heavy Temple and Pilgrim were a big part of the reason why. Continue reading

Profile: The Wizard of PILGRIM

Rhode Island’s Pilgrim are a traditional doom metal fan’s wet dream. Tuning low and playing slow may be the genre’s unofficial catch phrase but this band, thus far, have made a seven year career of finding the heaviest riffs and making them sound larger than life. There has been a lot of progression and different roads taken in doom metal over the years but it’s refreshing when a band takes the original ideals and bends them to their will without losing anything in translation. With two full lengths, two splits and a demo Pilgrim has remained a pure embodiment of traditional and epic doom metal. Just ahead of a March tour with Heavy Temple we asked The Wizard our series of Profile questions, see what he had to say after the jump.

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Album Review: Crypt Sermon – “Out of the Garden”


When I hear an album like Out of the Garden, I sometimes wonder why metal bands are often so intent on putting out releases that sound like they could have come out twenty or thirty years ago. We really do prize the traditionalists—the ones who can take the same combination of riffs, solos, and soaring vocals and turn out something familiar. On this, their debut full-length, Philadelphia’s Crypt Sermon seem to answer that question by simply saying: “why not?” Of course, there isn’t anything on this album that hasn’t been done somewhere before, but it’s still an enjoyable one to listen to.

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