Album Review: Ulthar — “Providence”

ulthar - providence

Somewhere there’s a paper with dozens of esoteric equations and quotations that would explain exactly why Cosmovore, the debut from Ulthar would be right up my alley.  The fact that it failed to connect upon initial release is a mystery for the ages (though most likely due to reviewer burnout) but fortunately no such issue befalls the mad vortex of sophomore album Providence, which brings a dizzying maelstrom of Lovecraftian madness and twisted death metal to reflect the insanity infecting the world at this moment in time, in any time. Continue reading

Album Review: Fucking Invincible – “I Hate Myself and Want You to Die”

fucking invincible i hate myself and want you to die
Cover art by Dean Forsythe II.

Pissed off yet? Give Fucking Invincible two minutes of your time (more like seven) and they will show you what pissed off is. The Providence, Rhode Island based purveyors of power violence are about as angry as they come. Their sound is also classic providence punk and hardcore. If the title didn’t say it all, I Hate Myself and Want You to Dieis an introspectively angry piece of art that slams eight songs into your  cranium in just under seven minutes Continue reading