Album Review: YATRA — “All is Lost”

After successful tours in the US and Europe, as well as festival appearances with additional national and international shows scheduled, everything came to a sudden stop for doom/heavy metal sensation YATRA with the global pandemic.  That is when Dana Helmuth, founding member of the band, sat down and began writing All is Lost, their third and latest release.  While the general lyrical theme of the album is rather dark and heavy, artistically reflecting the band’s dismay with the current ways of the world, the album is very lively and energetic with intriguing vocal and musical variety.

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Profile: Bartosz Janik of Psychedelic Doomsters Spaceslug

Spaceslug – photo courtesy of Radek Sławuta

Due in no small part to Behemoth, Poland might not be the first place that crosses the mind when it comes to psychedelic doom and stoner metal. But, Spaceslug are out to change that on third full length Eye the Tide which is due out later this week on BSFD Records. Over the course of the first three tracks, the album builds very slowly with the kind of atmospheric tranquility generally associated with a space odyssey but by the fourth track it rears its head with brushstrokes of black metal and heavily weighted doom metal. Eye the Tide is an interesting journey and one listen is nowhere near enough to take in all the nuances and surprises hidden in its six tracks. Just ahead of the album’s release we had the opportunity to ask guitarist/vocalist Bartosz Janik our set of Profile questions to get a better understanding of the band. Check out what he had to say and be sure to pick up a copy from the links contained within. Continue reading

Profile: Cosmic Riff-Meisters Howling Giant

Howling Giant

Cosmic riffsters Howling Giant are getting busy as of late contributing a track “Matilda Mother” to the Pink Floyd covers extravaganza The Wall [Redux] and Best of Pink Floyd, which will feature a staggering amount of artists, slated for a fall release on Magnetic Eye and an east coast tour that starts this month. And we’ve yet to mention last years full length Black Hole Space Wizard Part 2. Between the pulp inspired cosmic themes and their particular brand of psychedelic riffs thick enough to split atoms, the band’s output thus far has been incredibly satisfying for those of us that like it tuned low and played with an eclectic touch. Just ahead of the tour kicking off we had the chance to sit down with the band and run through our set of Profile questions. Read on to see what they had to say and stick around for the tour dates, you won’t want to miss them if they swing through your town. Continue reading

Album Review: MAKE – “Pilgrimage Of Loathing”

Make - Pilgrimage Of Loathing

NC’s MAKE show a fury-filled side yet to be revealed on third full length Pilgrimage Of Loathing. The slow-burn patiently builds and the atmospheric expanse of previous works has been replaced by anger for the state of the world as well as their home state’s government. To be clear, this album is a progression from their last and still has its quieter, reflective moments but they are fewer and farther between. With a wider range of genres displayed, the band’s exploration here pays off in a big way. It’s cerebral and takes time to digest, but is well worth it. Continue reading