Album Review: Green Bastard – “Pyre”

Green Bastard - Pyre

In 2012, an international team of scientists began preparations to mount a massive expedition to drill past the Earth’s crust in order to reach the mantle; seeking a way, in their words, to “grind their way through ultra-hard rocks.” If the approximate $1 billion budget is approved they could begin as early as the 2020s. And if this for-now theoretical expedition manages to achieve their goal, I suspect they will find the rumbling giant that is the bottom end of Pyre, the debut from New Hampshire’s new sludge/doom lords Green Bastard. Continue reading

Nine Circles ov… Russia!

russia flag

If you’ve been wondering (and I’m sure you have, attentive reader) why I tend to cover older releases instead of the latest and hottest promos, it’s because I prefer to spend a lot of time with a band or record before I form an opinion on it. Simply put, I prefer knowing one artist’s discography through and through to listening to ten CDs by different respective bands.

This list of personal favourites from Russia illustrates just that. It may not offer the most diverse, all-encompassing collection of bands from the country, but every band that’s on there is one I can recommend wholeheartedly. Continue reading