CANTO: Devin Townsend, Hinayana, Demon Hunter, and More

devin townsend

I took two days off last week because I felt like it.

  • Queen is going on tour with Adam Lambert following the release of Bohemian Rhapsody and not a single part of me is at all surprised.
  • Some of the guests on the new Devin Townsend record: Steve Vai, Chad Kroeger, Anneke Van Giersbergen, among others of course. Interesting.
  • Demon Hunter (which is a name I haven’t said in awhile) will drop two albums in March, War and Peace. I’m a little intrigued about what they will do with such a project.
  • You know who I really like? Hinayana. You know who dropped a new video today? Also Hinayana. It’s for “The Window” and it’s as awesome as I would have hoped. If I can get my junk together, I’ll be talking about this in more depth in the coming days.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– cmb

Album ‘Review’: Blind Guardian – “Beyond the Red Mirror”


For anyone who lives under a rock and might have happened to miss this: Corey and I are both pretty big Blind Guardian fans. Have been for as long as we can remember. For me, they’re one of the few bands (like, countable on one hand few) in power metal that can still make me drop anything and listen. And it always feels like a proper event when the band put out something new…a sentiment their new-album-every-four-years scheduling pattern is significantly, if not totally, responsible for creating.

So when the time came to decide who’d be reviewing the band’s new album, Beyond the Red Mirrorwe had a bit of a struggle figuring out who’d receive the assignment. Instead of picking one of us to review the thing and one of us to be left out in the cold, we decided to join forces, listen to the album together, and live-blog it. Is this a proper review? Not at all, hence the quotation marks in this post’s title. Do we give a damn? Also not at all. Now as you might expect, this thing is LONGAnd also, if **SPOILERS** apply to music, we’ve definitely got ’em in here. That being said, here’s what we thought of the album:

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Album Review: Night Demon – “Curse of the Damned”

Night demon

Now that I’m in my mid-thirties, there’s a term I love to bring up when discussing music: “age appropriate.” This is why I can’t listen to most hardcore stuff anymore—it just feels too young. Ventura, CA’s Night Demon, though, feels absolutely age appropriate for folks like me; it’s both highly derivative of old school metal and classic rock, and conjures up a spiritual richness that many people, specifically middle-aged males, might be missing. The band first hit the scene with an independently released, self-titled EP back in 2012, but now three years later, they’re back with their debut full-length, Curse of the Damned. So get those testosterone levels up and let’s party!

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