Initial Descent: May 26’s New Releases in Brief

steve brule hell
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It’s new release Tuesday—time for another edition of Initial Descent! And unfortunately, it’s yet another weird week for us. Call it a post-MDF lull, or call it yet another streaming service letdown, but this week’s just a bit lacking in the new release department. The most significant one we wanted to discuss–Arcturus’ Arcturian—STILL isn’t available to stream in full on Spotify. Still. Two weeks after we first tried to discuss it during the week of its European release. Call us crazy, but absent a promo copy, it may be time to give up on that one…

And unfortunately, it’s looking a bit light beyond that as well. So what we’ll do instead is go back and discuss the two HUGE albums that dropped last week, but that we weren’t able to discuss on the podcast, because MDF. In case you need a reminder, those are:  Continue reading

Album Review: Faith No More – “Sol Invictus”

faith no more - sol invictus

Over their initial, 17-year run, Faith No More established themselves as one of the scene’s most adept genre-blenders. The band dabbled in everything from funk (“We Care a Lot”) to thrash (“Surprise! You’re Dead!”) to trip-hop (“Stripsearch”) eliminating the typical sonic expectations that befall so many bands. Really, they should be the ideal candidate for a killer reunion album; if a band’s not supposed to sound like anything in particular, how can they go wrong? Unfortunately, they’ve found a way. While not a bad effort, the band’s new album, Sol Invictus, leaves no lasting impressions, and ultimately makes you wonder why it came to be.  Continue reading

Initial Descent: May 19’s New Releases in Brief

steve brule hell
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So this edition of Initial Descent’s gonna be a bit of a different ballgame than you’ve gotten used to. For one, it’s not called “Just the Tip” anymore. That’d be the most obvious part. For another, we’re not actually going to be talking about any of these on the pod this week. Why’s that?

Well, it’s Maryland Deathfest week, ya dingus! Instead of one normal episode, we’ll be coming at you with a series of mini-sodes covering each day at the festival. Because this year, for the first time, we’re going to all four days! So there won’t be any headlines, new releases or heaven / hell / purgatory to speak of this week—just the daily recaps of our shenanigans at the festival.

BUT…that being said, there are still some new releases that you might want to check out this week. So here they are:   Continue reading