Retrocution: A “Slave to the Passion” two-fer from Ultraboss!

So, yeah, I guess Rosso Corsa’s well and truly back, aren’t they? After a gap of nearly a year between releases, the label’s returned for the second (and third!) time in a month with an absolutely stellar 1-2 punch from Vienna-based producer and guitar virtuoso, Ultraboss, titled Slave to the Passion. Released a week apart on June 23 and 30, the two albums in this set contain some of the catchiest synth jams you’ll hear this year, and make for an absolutely terrific, combined listen. So let’s dissect, shall we?

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Retrocution: Lost Years’ “Venom Part II”

Swedish synth act Lost Years released new album, Venom Part II, on May 27.

So, by now, it’s probably no surprise to y’all that I have trouble keeping up with writing. A quick glance at the Retrocution archives shows that my last post in this series — and indeed on Nine Circles, period — was way back on March 9. Whoops.

I always like hopping on the Audio Thing. But when it comes to writing, I dunno….working a full-time nursing schedule leaves me just sufficiently brain dead as to be unable to come up with post-length #taeks on the things I’m listening to. Talking’s easy enough, but writing…often requires more time and brain power than I usually find myself with presently.

Still, every now and again, there’s something that compels me to drop everything and put fingers to keyboard. And this past Monday — Memorial Day — just such a thing happened: the release of a new Lost Years album, Venom Part II. This was tremendous, [insert-gif-of-our-pal-Seth-Werkheiser-dropping-his-phone-and-running]-esque news on a couple of different counts.

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