Album Review: Trap Them – “Crown Feral”

Trap Them - Crown Feral

On Trap Them‘s fifth full length Crown Feral the band shows no let up in their extremely aggressive approach. 2014’s Blissfucker may have been slower, sludgy even, than what we’ve become accustomed to from them but was still full of venom. And, as a bonus, it more than likely garnered the band some new fans. However, they’ve been there, done that. And here they burn the house down, again. The interesting thing is that along the way each album has grown substantially darker than the last through recent years and Crown Feral is a further step in this direction, plus it’s a searing album to boot. Continue reading

Interview: Trap Them’s Ryan McKenney on Crown Feral, Non-Musical Influences and Technology

Trap Them

Since 2001, Washington’s Trap Them have cut their own angry path through the hardcore/crust/metal landscape. Early on, the band became extremely reliable for anyone looking for an aggressive outlet to turn to. Later this month the band’s fifth full length Crown Feral will be released and their tried and true reliability hasn’t changed one bit — if anything it’s possibly one of the darkest and best written albums of the band’s career. On the heels of the album release is a continent spanning back to back tour so their next few months will be hectic to say the least. Vocalist and founding member Ryan McKenney was kind enough to give us a few minutes to discuss all this and more. Read all about what he had to say after the jump… Continue reading