Album Review: Trap Them – “Crown Feral”

Trap Them - Crown Feral

On Trap Them‘s fifth full length Crown Feral the band shows no let up in their extremely aggressive approach. 2014’s Blissfucker may have been slower, sludgy even, than what we’ve become accustomed to from them but was still full of venom. And, as a bonus, it more than likely garnered the band some new fans. However, they’ve been there, done that. And here they burn the house down, again. The interesting thing is that along the way each album has grown substantially darker than the last through recent years and Crown Feral is a further step in this direction, plus it’s a searing album to boot.

There’s a lot to be said for a reliable band. One that when a new release is announced it’s almost assured it will be good before the first note is ever heard. Pyrrhon, for one, is a perfect example and while Trap Them may not mirror genres they do share the same propensity for stellar releases, each and every time. From Sleepwell Deconstructor all the way to Blissfucker this band has given their all and Crown Feral keeps this tradition alive.

“Hellionaires” rages with crusty hardcore rythyms and throat challenging vocals from Ryan McKenney. And this far along it’s amazing that McKenney is still able to pull off his grueling yells but it’s all par for the course up against the wall of sound behind him. “Speak Nigh” is a throwback to the gritty speed of Darker Handcraft (2011) with its brawn and bravado. True to form, the band still knows how to move and groove with the melodious riffs on “Malengines Here, Where They Should Be”. Just the name of this song brings up a good point, and one that should not be lost on anyone — Trap Them consistently comes up with great album/song titles. Ones that not only make you pause, and maybe snicker a little, but also provoke thought. Their music is what has gained them such a fan base but it’s the thought put into the tiniest of details that sets them apart.

On to the rock vibe of “Revival Spines” and if you’ve been paying attention, there’s been at least one of these kinds of tracks on each of their albums. It not only breaks up the intensity but offers a glimpse into their wildly varied slew of influences — some maybe not so obvious — but they are unafraid to let them fly every once in awhile and when they do it always pays off. All that said, if you’re already a fan you will not be disappointed. If this is your first experience there’s no better time than now to get initiated.

Trap Them

With Crown Feral, Trap Them have zero to prove but come out swinging anyway and hit another homerun. It’s dark and aggressive yet catchy and addictive. This album is exactly the kind of onslaught we’ve come to expect from the band and they deliver on what founding members McKenney and Brian Izzi originally set out to do. Harder, faster and louder exemplifies not only Trap Them as a whole but this fifth offering as well.

We talked to Ryan McKenney recently, go –here– for the interview.

– Josh

Crown Feral will be available September 23 on Prosthetic Records. For more information on Trap Them visit the band’s Facebook page.

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