Initial Descent: June 10, 2016

sumac band

Big week here on the new metal front, and of course, your boy’s nursing a bit of a hangover from last night’s Noisey showcase at Saint Vitus. Big ups to all the bands that played, and big downs to the amount of alcohol that was consumed coming back to bite me in the ass. Oh well. I guess this is what happens when Dan tries to concert on a weeknight…

Anyway, what’s dropping today? All kinds of stuff. We’ve got new full-lengths from Aaron Turner and Sumac, as well as from Boston’s Astronoid and San Diego’s Ghoulgotha. Plus, if you feel like getting #MetalTwitter’s panties in a knot, there’s also a physical reissue of Ghost Bath‘s Moonlover, which originally dropped last year. A bunch more in the works, so let’s jump into it — here’s what’s on tap for this week:
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Album Review: 偏執症者 – “Satyagraha”


Nine Circles is a metal blog. First and foremost. But a few of us have a penchant for D-Beat and crust punk. Even more so, Swedish D-Beat. So when 偏執症者 (it means Paranoid) arrives in our inbox, and D-Beat is seen in the description, you can bet there is a brief war over who gets to cover it. As a founding member of Nine Circles, I won. Thus, you get to listen to me drone on about how great punk rock is as a genre, ideal and philosophy. And I get to do that by describing Satyagraha, the newest release from Swedish D-Beat psychopaths 偏執症者. Continue reading