Yelphammer, Epistle V: StrengthRX CrossFit of Hollywood

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In Which Tom G. Warrior Is Unimpressed By CrossFit’s Lack of Crosses To Bear…
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Things I’m Thankful For…


It is that holiest of days when we sit down with our family and friends, pretend to get along and tell each other the things we are thankful for; at least the things we will openly admit. In my personal life I have much to be thankful for. I have a wonderful wife — the one and only Mrs. Manny who puts up with me and my disgusting feet and inspires me to be a better person (still working on that one). I also have hockey and my beloved New York Rangers. The New York Giants aren’t terrible. The New York Yankees are, well, typical Yankees. And the New York Knicks are a 1/2 game out of first place. Things are definitely looking up for this guy. Continue reading

Yelphammer, Epistle II: Mr. Touma’s Shoe Repair

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In Which The Demon Insoles of Tom G. Warrior’s Favorite Pair of Home-Crafted Boots Require A Little T.L.C. … Continue reading