Things I’m Thankful For…


It is that holiest of days when we sit down with our family and friends, pretend to get along and tell each other the things we are thankful for; at least the things we will openly admit. In my personal life I have much to be thankful for. I have a wonderful wife — the one and only Mrs. Manny who puts up with me and my disgusting feet and inspires me to be a better person (still working on that one). I also have hockey and my beloved New York Rangers. The New York Giants aren’t terrible. The New York Yankees are, well, typical Yankees. And the New York Knicks are a 1/2 game out of first place. Things are definitely looking up for this guy.

But, this is Nine Circles. The home of metal lifestyle and not ESPN. So I will focus on  things I’m thankful for in metal. The first thing I’m thankful for is, well, Nine Circles — the very website on which this article is published. I’m thankful for our wonderful, loyal and committed staff of writers (aka Denizens of Hell). People like Josh Stewart who have been with us since the beginning. Guys like Dustin Grooms and Schuler Benson who, although just joining us, have become content all stars. Necomers like Caryn Havlik who so bravely attempted metal YO)))GA. I’m thankful for our Dæmoness of Design who makes our website look amazing and keeps us updated on the underground happenings in Finnish metal. I’m thankful for the new writers we have brought on board (even those we haven’t unleashed yet).

But mostly, I’m thankful for THEE Corey Butterworth aka our Literati Overlord. You guys might not know this but, running a blog with our level of daily content is pretty arduous. And, since we don’t get paid and have to do this in addition to our day jobs, the lazy Susan that Corey and I share can get pretty weighed down. If it weren’t for Corey (who I might add invented the blog) this place simply wouldn’t run. And not only is he a hard-working, efficient genius, he’s actually an amazing person. Just a super sweet, handsome wonderful guy who runs marathons because he’s an insane person. Oh yea, and he writes “Drinking with Satan” which is my favorite metal content on the entire interweb.

corey butterworth
I mean…how handsome is this little guy?

Outside of Nine Circles I’m thankgful for Seth Werkheiser and Skulltoaster. It’s people like Seth that give hope and inspiration to the metal scene; that there is some good out there. And without Skulltoaster how would any of us learn anything about metal? I’m thankful for Shayne Mathis and Full Metal Hipster. Shayne’s brilliant insight and hilarious commentary keep us all on our toes and he’s right… the demo was better. It’s people like these two honorable men that make me proud to call myself a metal blogger!

And, finally, I’m thankful for you. our readers. Those people that somehow take time out of your packed days to read content on our site. When there is endless content out there on the internet you have chosen to come to Nine Circles. Hopefully because you think we provide some humor amid the chaos of elitism in metal journalism.

So enjoy your Thanksgiving. Eat your food. Be with your loved ones. And remember:

Hail Satan,
– Manny-O-War

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