That’s right, folks — four years ago today, Dan and Corey registered the first email address for Nine Circles (then known as Horns Up…oof…) and started us off on this crazy adventure through which we’ve come to become, erm…somewhat positive contributors to the metal blogosphere? I guess?

SO, to celebrate, the two founders — plus current editors / writers / life-signer-awayers extraordinaire Josh Stewart and Chris Voss — got together and recorded a special birthday audio thing. We took a look back at the blog’s origins, assessed where we are now, and put forth some ideas for the future that we’re all pretty excited about. That’s all after the jump, so click on through and give it a listen! Continue reading

EP-Attack: Tomb Mold, Impure Consecration & Supremative

ep attack header
Photo Courtesy of Nine Circles’ own Corey Butterworth

This edition of EP-Attack comes to us via Blood Harvest. We will cover releases from Tomb Mold, Impure Consecration & Supremative. Two of them will see release July 29, 2016 via vinyl and one will see release on the same date via cassette. All three are raw metal put out by some up-and-coming bands from around the globe. All three are limited edition releases and feature death metal (of some form or another). There are some real gems in this edition so be sure to hit play on all the embeds below. Continue reading

Things I’m Thankful For…


It is that holiest of days when we sit down with our family and friends, pretend to get along and tell each other the things we are thankful for; at least the things we will openly admit. In my personal life I have much to be thankful for. I have a wonderful wife — the one and only Mrs. Manny who puts up with me and my disgusting feet and inspires me to be a better person (still working on that one). I also have hockey and my beloved New York Rangers. The New York Giants aren’t terrible. The New York Yankees are, well, typical Yankees. And the New York Knicks are a 1/2 game out of first place. Things are definitely looking up for this guy. Continue reading