Nine Circles ov…Napalm Death

napalm death band

Years before I had heard a single note it was the logo, the way the letters seemed scratched in flesh, sinister crosses embedded in the “N” and “M” signifying something I wasn’t prepared to listen to…yet.  By the time I finally opened up to the grand progenitors of grind, Napalm Death, it was during their post-2000 resurgence, and my purchase of their compilation Noise for Music’s Sake led me down a rabbit hole of the most exquisite display of passionate anger and rage this side of the universe.  Between 6-second bursts of grind, impeccable artwork, and some of the most biting social commentary ever put to paper, the arrival of a new EP and a new full length on the horizon makes this a perfect time to dedicate a Nine Circles ov... to one of the best bands to ever carry the tag of “extreme” in their music.

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Album Review: Scum – “Humana”


Sometimes the life of a metal reviewer is a bit of a crapshoot, folks. With dozens of promos coming in and only so many hours in a day you have to pick and choose your way to what you’re going to hit each week. So sometimes (well okay, more than sometimes) I’ll take a look at the old Nine Circles promo list and see if anything strikes my eye. We have some pretty colorful genre labels up there, and so my interest was piqued when I saw next to Scum and their new album Humana the tag “metal.” What? No double or triple hyphenate melange of styles?  Just “metal” plain and simple?  This I had to check out. Continue reading