Album Review: Noisem – “Cease To Exist”

Noisem - Cease to Exist

This is what I remember about Noisem when they hit the scene with their debut Agony Defined back in 2013: Death/thrash/grind played by a bunch of young upstarts.  Loved the classic 80s era cover, didn’t care for the music.  Everyone and their brother proclaimed the band as the “next big thing” with the arrival of 2015’s Blossoming Decay.  And it was…fine.  Nothing that compelled me to put them on a pedestal.  But lo and behold four years later brings a new album I’m told I NEED to listen to and, what do you know?  Cease To Exist manages to finally get me to sit up and take notice by making good on the promise of those awesome album covers. Continue reading

Interview: Noisem on writing “Blossoming Decay” and not giving a damn about genre labels

Photo courtesy of Gene Smirnov / Decibel Magazine

Last month saw the release of Blossoming Decay, the second album from death / thrash / grind upstarts Noisem. The band had already built up an impressive following on the heels of their 2013 debut, Agony Defined, and they continue to amass new fans and supporters through a near-constant touring schedule. Young though the band members may be, they’ve built up the resume and presence of seasoned vets. That tends to happen when you play with everyone from metal elites to local talent and lay waste to any venue that will have you.

Ahead of a new tour with Iron Reagan and Angel Dust—set to kick off this evening in Noisem’s native Baltimore—we got the chance to speak with bassist Billy Carnes and guitarist Sebastian Phillips about the writing process behind Blossoming Decay, taking the songs live, and more. Here’s what they had to say:

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