CANTO: Knotfest expansion, Sony buys Century Media, and much more! Kinda!


Hello, everyone! Welcome to another week of apathy and resentment! Let us begin…

Or don’t. Because I don’t like it at all. But hey, it’s a slow video day.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

Just the Tip: March 3’s New Releases in Brief

It’s new release Tuesday—time for another edition of Just the Tip! Here are the new releases we’ll be discussing on the podcast this week!

March 3, 2015

Leviathan – Scar Sighted (Profound Lore)

Sannhet – Revisionist (Flenser)

Helrunar – Niederkunfft (Prophecy Productions)

A Forest of Stars – Beware the Sword You Cannot See (Prophecy Productions)

We’ll also have written reviews of these and other new releases here on the site throughout the week, but for now, take a listen and check back later this week for our spoken thoughts in Episode 42!

Other New Releases of Note:

  • Negura Bunget – Tau (Prophecy Productions)
  • Lamentations of the Ashen – Libertine Cyst (Fragile Branch)
  • Triumvir Foul – An Oath of Blood and Fire(Godz of War / Third Eye Temple)
  • Scorpions – Return to Forever (Sony)
  • Hiram-Maxim – Hiram-Maxim (Aqualamb)

Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.

The Horns Up Podcast: Episode 41 (February 28, 2015)

It’s time for Episode 41 of The Horns Up Podcast, your weekly catch-up on all things metal!

This week, the guys choose their sides in the debate over Facebook-marketing-for-bands, then review new albums from Torche, Pelican and Sarpanitum. Plus, Dan laments the loss of his beloved Parks and Recreation.

All that and much, much more in Episode 41, so check it out!

Also available on:

Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.

Just the Tip: July 8’s New Releases in Brief

It’s new release Tuesday! Here are the albums we’ll be covering on this week’s podcast:

July 8, 2014

Judas Priest – Redeemer of Souls (Sony)


Wolves in the Throne Room – Celestite (Artemisia)


Origin – Omnipresent (Nuclear Blast)


Chasma – Omega Theorian (Candlelight)


Take a listen for yourselves and then check back for our thoughts in Episode 13 later this week!

Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.