Initial Descent: September 3 – 10, 2016


First off, happy weekend. Second, it’s Saturday and I’m sure you thought we weren’t running Initial Descent. Well, fooled you. If you have an opinion regarding this running on Saturday let us know in the comments otherwise let’s get on with it. Another week and another list of metal for you to check out; death metallers Colosso are back with their third full length Obnoxious, Divebomb Records is releasing Bewitcher‘s Self-Titled debut on CD format, Tardive Dyskinesia gets crazy with Harmonic Confusion and of course Devin Townsend Project return with Transcendence. But wait, there’s so much more, click that “continue reading” link. Continue reading

Album Review: Allfather – “Bless the Earth With Fire”

Allfather - Bless The Earth With Fire

The UK’s Allfather has only been around since 2014 but one listen to the band’s full length debut Bless the Earth With Fire and they have already improved over last year’s EP. That’s saying something because No Gods. No Masters. was not only good but scratched the right anger-filled itch with blistering hardcore laced metal. The underlying approach here is much the same but this time out mountainous riffs and a heavy dose of southern sludge play a much bigger part. This combination makes for an extremely hard hitting album full of twists and turns that begs for repeat listens. Continue reading

Exclusive Stream: Verment – “Death’s Domain”


Up and coming death metal band VERMENT are set to release their new EP Death’s Domain on April 1st 2016. The EP is 7 tracks of crushing death metal that is firmly rooted in the old-shool while still having a modern twist to it. The band have created a huge buzz in their local area and will open for Rivers of Nihil on March 3 2016.  Bassist Eric Payne is also a member of War Curse who recently released an album via Static Tension Recordings. Continue reading

Album Review: War Curse – “Final Days”

warcurse_finaldaysWith little fanfare or hype, Cincinnati-based thrashers War Curse have arrived with their official debut via Static Tension Recordings. Final Days is everything that good thrash should be: Catchy, quick to the point, precisely executed with plenty of shredding solos, and enough punk/hardcore grit to give it a snarling edge. War Curse lean toward the mid-paced end of the thrash spectrum, but what they lack in blinding speed is made up in powerful delivery and attitude (thrash-itude?). Fans of Testament, Havok, and Slayer’s early 90s output will certainly resonate with War Curse’s first outing. Continue reading

Interview: Curse of the North on the album, Seattle, and streaming music


In case you haven’t read the full review, let me fill you in: the sophomore album from Seattle-based Curse of the North is great. It’s one of those albums that could have easily flown under my radar, but man, I’m glad it didn’t. From start to finish, it’s a well-written and brilliantly executed collection of songs that drink from the wells of classic heavy metal, old hard rock, and thrashing sludge ala High on Fire. Recently released through Static Tension Recordings, Curse of the North: I fully warrants your attention and I highly recommend buying a copy. Frontman and guitarist Christiaan Morris was kind enough to lend us his time to talk about the band’s history, their newest album, and the scene around Seattle.  Continue reading