Concert Review: Neurosis, Converge, Amenra, 8.6.2017 – Part I


This evening at the Royale would prove to be one for the history books. The weekend, all around, ended up being one of many firsts. For myself (Josh), this was my first time to Boston, first time to the Royale, first time to actually meet and hit a show with Corey and the first time seeing Neurosis, Converge or Amenra which I, and we, have been following for many years. So it was a trip that will go down in the history books on a lot of levels. As for the show, this combination of bands is like the stars aligning just right for that one moment in time. It was a night of three heavyweights that, in a major way, leveled an entire block of Boston for several hours on August 6, 2017. The plan is to discuss this adventure in three pieces, and we’ll kick things off with the mighty Amenra. Continue reading

Drinking With Satan: Drama/Perdition Winds (Split)

drinking with satan

It’s the week before that god-forsaken holiday we call Christmas (irony — top score). We’ve crossed into winter. it’s the final edition of Drinking With Satan in 2015. I’ve been drinking fairly heavily for five hours thanks to another absurd holiday-themed work party and it has been a genuine pain in the ass keeping myself functioning long enough to deal with this tonight. Count yourselves lucky, because I don’t want to be here. That being said, if you take pleasure in other people’s misery, this week’s edition might be more enjoyable to you than most. I wish I cared. Continue reading