Profile: Algras of Hypnotic Black Metallers Aornos


Hungary’s Aornos play a style of black metal that recalls the viciousness in the genre’s early warriors but wraps it up in a blanket of whirling guitars and wickedly dark atmosphere. My initial take away from their recently released full length, The Great Scorn, was that there’s so many layers to unpack yet this collection of songs is almost immediately hypnotic. Complicated but well worth the time to sit with it and get acquainted. It pulls you in very early and nearly 50 minutes tick by before you even know what happened. Just behind the album’s release we had the chance to ask mastermind¬†Algras our set of Profile questions and his answers just might qualify for the longest we’ve ever featured. Don’t believe me? Read on. Continue reading

Profile: Colorado’s Unholy Black Metallers Aetranok


Aetranok, a Colorado based unholy black metal band, just released their volatile second full length, Kingdoms of the Black Sepulcher, to an unsuspecting crowd. I’ve yet to hear any mention of this wicked abomination yet here we stand with a Profile from vocalist and guitarist Draka and additional vocalist and guitarist Apophis. This is some truly brutal black metal that recalls the darkest of the first and second wave of the genre yet has the balls to go its own way. You read that right, it has teeth and is unafraid to bare them. We are honored to be sharing this with you so read on to see what these band members had to say and don’t forget to support with the links contained within.

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