Things I’m Thankful For…

Fenriz-2Thanksgiving: A time to reflect on all the good things we have in life, cherish family connections, and  bow to the metal gods for gifting us with the beautiful man that we know as Fenriz. This glorious creature needs no introduction: Besides Lemmy, he is heavy metal’s own version of Keith Richards — constant, ageless, irreverent, self-aware and proud of it — and in this Thanksgiving post, we take time to account for all of the reasons we hold Gylve “Fenriz” Nagell dear to our hearts. May he live to be at least 100 years old, but hopefully more.  Continue reading

Five Stages of Thanksgiving Overeating As Represented By Opeth Albums


Five Stages of Thanksgiving Overeating, as Represented By Opeth Albums

1. The PreparationMy Arms, Your Hearse – A methodical period of scouting out your options. Is it just turkey this year? Is there venison? What’s the fucking gravy situation? You’ve gotta keep your wits about you though, bro. You’ve gotta plan this out. A week’s worth of closely monitoring caloric intake, combined with an appropriate exercise regimen should level out the fucking years you’re about to take off your life through ingestion of sheer fucking flavorful bliss. Stay determined. Stay focused. Stay the fucking course from the beginning to the bitter end. You’ve got a bright future.

2. The Calm Before The StormDamnation – A somber moment of reflection before The Feeding. Do you smell that fucking gravy? Does it caress each nostril gently? Are you excited? Or are you forlorn knowing that just as soon as the beginning comes, the end is already in sight? Meditate in this moment. Savor its ephemera, its fleeting, unquantifiable transience. This is breath on glass, bro. This is the storm’s petrichor. Your grandparents are doing that prayer they make you all stand for. Your uncle is coming down from the upstairs bathroom, thumbing his nose. There are other old people here, and one of them has farted. And now the moment is over. Grab that plate and do work.

3. The GorgingBlackwater Park – Celebration in all its glorious excess. This is a fully-immersed affair, and you’re about to push yourself, the food eater you thought you knew, into bold new territory. Start like usual, start like you’re about to do the same thing your family’s always seen you do. Pile of turkey (white meat only, and before your cousins get to it or you’re fucked), sidekicked with dressing (not the oyster dressing), balance the rest of the plate with peas, some of those Sister Schubert rolls, and then douse that whole motherfucker in gravy. Your folks are watching. They think they know you. But you’re about to blow their expectations all to hell. You’re eating dark meat this year. You’re living on the wild side. You’re going after that sweet potato casserole you usually shun. Bro, you’re not just eating, not just trying new things, you’re evolving as an eater. You are becoming. We’re on plate number two now. That pecan pie’s calling for you now. Secure your wedge, chow down. Feel yourself fill. Feel that momentum slow. Feel the blood in your guts refuse to power the rest of you as the coma takes hold. “You’re close to the final bite / you’re staring right past to the buffet / the liquid pools on your plate / and drains meat away”

4. The RegretHeritage – This shit sucks, man. Look at the damage you’ve done to yourself. Look what you did. You skipped dressing and ate a shitload of sweet potato casserole (and all the marshmallows off your sister’s kids’ plates, way to go, dickhead). That rumbling now? That’s basically gummy tummy, man. You’re not gonna take a shit until tomorrow now! Why couldn’t you just stick with the formula that worked? Where was that resolve you showed back at Trevor’s party last summer when they had that fuckin’ fondue pot? Yeah, you planned everything out, but even with all that advance legwork, you still managed to overshoot your allowances. Now you’ve gotta sleep this off. You meant well, but instead of focusing on eating a good meal, you tried too hard to eat a different meal, to maybe, like, appeal to a different part of yourself. You’ve made a mockery of all you stood for and alienated the foods that supported you so well all these years.

5. The ResolutionWatershed – It’s a new beginning. The peril’s over, the immediacy’s left you. Maybe this day, this meal, was all you thought it’d be. Maybe not. Maybe you feel elation. Maybe regret. Keep your eye on the future. Tonight, you’ll watch a family get drunk, say some inappropriate shit. Tomorrow, you’ll get up, you’ll lace up those shoes, and you’ll exhibit a firm and thorough resolve to run off these 10,000 calories of misery you’ve just put inside yourself.

– Schuler

Things I’m Thankful for…

thanksgiving death
Holga 120CFN, Portra 160vc220, f8, 1/250

As many of you know I have a penchant for murder, torture and other dark activities involving a still living human — preferably a remarkable beautiful one as pictured above. I also thoroughly enjoy photographing those final moments. There’s something beautiful in the ability not only to end a life but to make that life want to be ended. It’s an art. So I guess I would say that, although the end goal is death, I am most thankful for those final few moments before a soul is actually devoured by hell’s abyss. It is in those moments that truths are known and true connections are made. Continue reading

Things I’m Thankful For…

Death Metal

I’ve got a lot to be thankful for in my personal life. At home, at work and right here at Nine Circles. I’ve had opportunities that otherwise I would still be dreaming of and met several people that I now hold as dear friends. But what am I most thankful for in metal? In two words, death metal. The genre has had an extremely good year from forward thinkers, the old guard and revivalists alike. They’ve all put their spin on it and left it better than they found it. Continue reading

What Nine Circles Is Thankful For… Starting with Corey


Ah, yes. Once again the time has arrived for the wonderful U.S. and A to stop and reflect on what we are grateful for through overindulging. While I support showing gratitude through gluttony as much as the next jabroni, the concept of our Thanksgiving has always fascinated me. Maybe it’s the celebration of our conquering another’s land without any sense of morality. Maybe it’s our tradition of immediately following our day of giving thanks for what we have with a day of pathetic, obsessive, mindless consumption of material goods nobody needs or really even wants. Either way, it can be complicated. Regardless, we celebrate Thanksgiving. And while the practices of many will continue to exasperate me on this particular holiday, the fact is there are countless things that we should all be thankful for. And here at Nine Circles, we want to share some of those things with you. Over the next two days, our amazing, brilliant, creative writers will share everything they are thankful for in the metal world. Allow me to kick us off… Continue reading