CANTO: First round of MDF bands, upcoming Kataklysm tour, and more


“Why don’t you spend nowhere with me? Follow the river and the path of the ones. Write our names on the shore. Forever – I can’t find, struggling in a world undefined. Decide how you want it to be, I’m not eternity.”

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– Corey

Throwback Thursday: Agalloch’s “Ashes Against The Grain”

“Ashes Against The Grain” original slipcover artwork

While maybe not the most popular Agalloch work, there are still plenty of reasons to celebrate their third full-length album, Ashes Against The Grain. Obviously, the works of the black folk metal band out of Portland, Oregon are among the most important in my extensive library, and this is something I have reiterated many times. The quality contained in their catalog is undeniable. And while the final album with The End Records may not have been the band’s favorite (and if you dig enough you may discover that they borderline hate it), I’m still as captivated by it now as I was when I first heard it. Let’s take a closer look.  Continue reading

Retrospective: Agalloch – “Pale Folklore”

agalloch_palefolkloreGrowing up in rural southern Ohio, especially during winter, usually meant two things for Teenage Metalhead Dustin®: Lots of snow days (road maintenance in the poorest counties of Ohio is basically non-existent) and lots of introspection bred from geographic isolation. Being surrounded by lots of hills and woods behind my house, I’d bundle up and go for walks often with my portable CD player (later a Zune, yay technology!). One album consistently repeated itself from one winter to the next and continues to do so, aging gracefully in the process – Agalloch‘s debut Pale Folklore is my album for every winter, both literal and figurative.  Continue reading