Throwback Thursday: Milestone Anniversaries for Death and Gorguts!


So, can we talk about how tricky it can be finding post-worthy anniversaries for specific dates on Throwbacks like these? I tried looking back through and finding cool stuff that’s happened or dropped on June 21, and…couldn’t find much of anything I felt like writing about. Damn you, history.

BUT…break outside the strict adherence to post-date alignment, and suddenly, things got easier. After shifting the search parameters to include “+/- a day or two,” I came almost immediately upon two death metal classics: Death‘s Individual Thought Patterns, which turns 25 tomorrow; and GorgutsObscura, which crosses 20 on Saturday. THROWBACK TOPIC DECIDED.

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The Nine Circles ov…Gorguts


After 26 years, Gorguts should be a household name. If, however, you’re somehow still unfamiliar, you’re in for a nice treat this morning. Under the leadership of mastermind Luc Lemay, Gorguts hasn’t left a single stone unturned. They’ve tackled everything under the death metal sun—from raw, savage sounds to more experimental, progressive fare. They even took a 12-year break, only to return with one of the strongest albums of their career, 2013’s Colored Sands. There’s always something new to be found listening to these guys, so let’s hop in and do some digging… Continue reading