The Nine Circles Podcast: MARYLAND DEATHCAST 2016


The guys are back from MDF 2016 and ready to recap all of their shenanigans on this special Maryland Deathcast! To do that, they walk through all four days of the festival and highlight their favorite sets (including Dragged Into SunlightHorrendousClaudio Simonetti’s Goblin and more), then share some field recordings they gathered with Corey’s fancy new mic on Sunday. Plus, as always, a Heaven and Hell portion.

All that and…not all that much more in Episode 44, but check it out anyway!

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Many Faces of Manny, September 2015: “Sound Quality”

hans zimmer
Hans Zimmer in His Personal Studio

If you have ever had the pleasure, or perhaps the displeasure, of stepping into a recording studio then you have an idea of the sheer mass of equipment that populates a studio. That isn’t even including the mixing equipment that will be in whatever office a recording is sent off to for mastering at the mixing studio. If you’re lucky, a great mixing studio will have a setup that is not only focused but also loaded with precise instrumentation to get the most out of every single beat and note. So why is it that so many people roll around blasting the new Cattle Decapitation or Nile album through apple earbuds?

In this month’s Many Faces of Manny we discuss sound quality and the importance of having a good set of headphones (better known as “cans” by dorky audiophiles). Continue reading