Album Review: Vintersorg – “Till Fjälls del II”

Vintersorg Till Fjälls del II

I think we’ve already established my feeling for Andreas Hedlund, aka Vintersorg, the man of 1,001 hats, all of them metal.  Even in his most, uh…let’s say esoteric outings (I’m looking at you, Waterclime) there’s a willingness and sincerity to everything he does, and a growth or expansion of sound and genre that’s truly inspiring.  So the last thing you’d expect is for the man to look backwards, but after years of fans clamoring for him to do a “sequel” (weird as the concept is to an album that is decidedly non-narrative in nature) here we are with Till Fjälls del II, a sequel in spirit as the man returns to the mix of black metal and folk that initiated his journey.   Continue reading