Initial Descent: May 6 – 12, 2018

Flesh Hoarder
Flesh Hoarder

Satan poked a hole in the top of hell and let some heat out this week. No complaints from me but I know plenty that haven’t been happy with seeing 90 degree marks this week. Two ways I recommend to combat this early warmth: stick around with us for all the new metal we have on tap this week, then watch Terrifier and Pyewacket. Back to back. I heard about these beauties, earlier in the week, from Necromaniacs Podcast which would be a solid third option to stay in the AC. Moving on, this week’s new metal starts with Texas based brutal death metallers Flesh Hoarder on their debut Homicidal Necrophile which grabbed my attention very quickly — depraved, horrific and an excellent debut. Next up is De Profundis who take a look at the impact of religion through the lens of their best and most progressive death metal thus far in their career on The Blinding Light of Faith. Skinless return with their sixth full length Savagery and after all this time, their brand of death metal brutality still hits extremely hard and leaves an indelible mark. Rounding out our top slots, The Death Wheelers offer up their brand of instrumental sleaze n’ roll on debut I Tread On Your Grave which as a fan of 70s ‘sploitation films and greasy rock n’ roll, this one has received tons of spins from me. Whether you’re enjoying the heat or not, there’s plenty more to explore below so hang around, kick your feet up and enjoy. Continue reading

Second Circle: Sepulchral Curse and Blood Tyrant


In Dante’s Inferno, the second circle begins the proper punishment of Hell, a place where “no thing gleams.” It is reserved for those overcome with Lust, where carnal appetites hold sway over reason. In Nine Circles, it’s where we do shorter reviews of new (ish) albums that share a common theme.

It’s hard being an album released at the end of the year. Everyone and their brother is publishing an end of year list (*wink*), and folks are so busy checking out what they’ve missed throughout the year some real interesting releases can get lost in the shuffle. Here  at Nine Circles, we endeavor to make sure these lost children, these metal leftovers, get some of that nutrient-rich critical loving so they have at least a fighting chance to get noticed in between the bourbon-enhanced eggnog revelries and inevitable familial infighting. Today’s let’s shed some light on Sepulchral Curse and Blood Tyrant. Continue reading

Punk/Grind Round – Up Al Necro Style!


Nag – Nag: Thank Satan for bands like Nag. The Norwegian punk/metal outfit strikes the right charm with jaded metallers by rocking out like it’s no one’s business on their self-titled album. Energetic, passionate, the guys from Nag know how to help metallers have a good time.

Rarely ever slow, mostly up-tempo and never once kill-joys, Nag sound high on methamphetamine on their debut release. I haven’t heard as good a punk/hardcore hybrid style from any other band this year to be honest. Punk fans will love it. Metal fans will love it. If you don’t, you’re in deep as a stoner hooked on opium so you might as well sign up for a mandated twenty-eight days program even before the cops ever learn about it.

Fenriz’s Band of the Week followers will love Nag like it’s a heroin addiction. Organic, no production gimmicks, absolutely zero bullshit, Nag sends the moshpit moving to the tune of a widespread calamity – people screaming, fists burying into sallow blackening flesh.


Stench Price – Stench PriceGrind supergroups are far from being dimes-a-dozens, peeps! Therefore when Dan Lilker, Rogga Johansson, Dave Ingram, and Max Phelps collaborate with some other notables in metal for a grind album, you give them your full, undivided attention.

Stench Price comes courtesy of Transcending Obscurity, and the label have a genuine hit on their hands with Stench Price’s self-titled release. Best vocals of the album belongs to whoever-the-hell did track six, “The Vitality Slip”.

There are six quality tracks here, and the band even brings some great bossa nova and jazz interludes in between the grind segments to extreme exaltation. In excelsis deo, the dudes at Stench Price should consider hooking up for another album, featuring a host of new guest musicians to whet the appetite of metallers in search of grind par-excellence.

Meanwhile, enjoy what this group of guys brings to the table.


Vorvan – Once Love Was Lost: Vorvan doesn’t play screamo metal. Vorvan kicks ass. Vorvan’s Once Love Was Lost is a mash-up of different elements, including punk, hardcore and a little grind. There’s some great songwriting on display here at times and while there’s some metalcore screaming going on occasionally, the band plays a style similar to revered genre-bender Ken Mode.

The drummer is absolutely nuts on Once Love Was Lost, and quite fittingly, the drums pace the frenetic build-up of each song to suitable conclusion, where the band decimates a population of moshers and sends the rest scurrying for cover. In-coming!

Projectiles of vomit might actually make their way out of punched, cramped stomachs as the audience reacts to Vorvan’s performances with violent savagery. At times proggy, quirky, this might make Sportscenter highlights a tad more interesting than the crap the network’s producers use. If you want great work-out music, Vorvan kicks your dance music playlist into the five fathoms.

More next time!

– Al Necro