Rainbows in the Dark: RÏCÏNN — “Nereïd”

We do love exploring the transcendent and slightly out-there here on Rainbows, but that has always been the draw of this column.  I’m always looking for something that no one else is doing, and with RÏCÏNN I have definitely found that.  The project’s debut album Nereïd is a successful amalgamation of the widest variety of influences, and it manages to take much of what you know and expect about how music is crafted and turn it completely on its head.  It’s equal parts strange, ambitious, and breathtaking, and it’s guaranteed to be unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

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Album Review: Cattle Decapitation – “The Anthropocene Extinction”

cattle decapitation the anthropocene extinction

How many people prefer Cattle Decapitation‘s earlier, rawer material over the technical and brutal brand of deathgrind they’ve showcased since? Five? Maybe ten? Conventional wisdom holds those first few releases to be more or less unlistenable, but to me, those jarring elements distinguish the band far more than the more conventional feel they’ve adopted on their subsequent output. The band’s new, seventh, full-length, The Anthropocene Extinction, doesn’t fully change my mind in that regard, but it is some of the strongest work they’ve done since that transition.  Continue reading