Initial Descent: June 18 – 24, 2017

Tyrannosorceress – photo courtesy of Kathleen Kennedy

Another week, another dollar…er…another day, another dollar. Yea whatever, you get the idea, another week has slipped by us and here we are on the best day of the week with tons of new metal to soundtrack whatever it is you’ll be doing. Tyrannosorceress kicks us off in style with their black metal debut Shattering Light’s Creation, never mind the name just dig in…pronto. Next up is Ex Eye from the experimental, jazzy and seemingly otherworldly supergroup of sorts, Ex Eye, and if you happen to be in the market for something different this is the one to fit that bill. Moving along, everyone’s favorite industrial/noise/black metal group american return with their second full length Violate and Control and put quite simply — it’s a pulsating beast of an album. Filling out the opening slots is France’s Skelethal with their classically inspired yet crushingly heavy death metal debut Of the Depths… So there you have it with the top slots, keep diving for so much more that could have easily been at the top of this list. But, we can only fit so many you know? Anyway, until next week… Continue reading

Album Review: Tyrannosorceress – “Shattering Light’s Creation”

Tyrannosorceress - Shattering Light's Creation

With a name like Tyrannosorceress you’re bound to have a gut reaction to Shattering Light’s Creation; either you’re gonna think Tyrannosorceress is the coolest name you’ve ever heard, or you’re going to dismiss the band outright.  For my money, when I saw this promo available, I knew I had to see what this could possibly sound like.  As it stands now, any expectations I could have had for this album have been vastly exceeded, and I am excited to share with you all an album that merits serious consideration. Continue reading