Album Review: Tyrannosorceress – “Shattering Light’s Creation”

Tyrannosorceress - Shattering Light's Creation

With a name like Tyrannosorceress you’re bound to have a gut reaction to Shattering Light’s Creation; either you’re gonna think Tyrannosorceress is the coolest name you’ve ever heard, or you’re going to dismiss the band outright.  For my money, when I saw this promo available, I knew I had to see what this could possibly sound like.  As it stands now, any expectations I could have had for this album have been vastly exceeded, and I am excited to share with you all an album that merits serious consideration.

Tyrannosorceress 3 [Photo by Kathleen Kennedy]
Tyrannosorceress – photo courtesy of Kathleen Kennedy]
With the elephant in the room addressed, let’s talk about Tyrannosorceress for real.  The five piece black metal band from Dallas, Texas play with deadly focus and precision, with every member of this band playing at a level of musicianship that is surprising and refreshing.  Shattering Light’s Creation is full of the kind of dissonant arpeggios that characterize much of modern black metal, set alongside passages of more straight-ahead tremolo riffs, backed up by a jaw-dropping rhythm section, to create a build and break of tension that makes their music wholly engrossing.   The fluidity of the musicians playing and song structures present on Shattering Light’s Creation show a maturity that is rarely seen in a young band like Tyrannosorceress.  These songs shift and wind their way into deep places, strengthened by the deeply occult lyrics and atmosphere.  Take “In the Light of the Sabbath Moon” as a perfect example; the track builds up with a slow, chiming intro before letting off the brakes and launching into a thrashy assault and ending with a furious outro accented with sweep-picking, cries of “Nasatanda Zasas!,” and a wicked guitar solo.  I wish that every black metal song could get on that level.

Tyrannosorceress – photo courtesy of Kathleen Kennedy

Shattering Light’s Creation is not the album I expected, but is undoubtedly the album I needed.  With a debut this strong, Tyrannosorceress deserves to be a name on the tip of the tongue of anyone who considers themselves into serious black metal.  And believe me, despite whatever you might assume based off the name, this album is serious.  

Shattering Light’s Creation will be available June 23 on Tofu Carnage Records. For more information on Tyrannosorceress visit their Facebook page.

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