RETROCUTION: Ultraboss shreds “Like a Man Who’s in Love” on new single

Welcome back, synth-heads! It’s time for another edition of Retrocution here at Nine Circles. All told, April was another solid month for synthwave, with several highlights from both relative newcomers and genre heavyweights alike. But ultimately, after a couple of months’ worth of leading with full-length albums in the column, it was a single that stood out to us most this month. So without wasting any more time, let’s dive into “Like a Man Who’s in Love,” the terrific new track from Ultraboss.

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The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 87 (7.13.2019)

playlist - mixtape

So, another Saturday is upon us and what are you doing with it? Outside maybe? Well, obviously not if you’re reading this and thank you, by the way, for that. Once you get done reading, take this playlist of tunes with you and get the heck outside. Or do something. I’m sure there’s a show playing local to you or a pool to get into or a creek to cool off in. You get the point, just do something but play this loud as hell whatever you’re doing. Yesterday was one hell of a release day and we’ve got a little of that here plus a whole lot more. You know the drill, hit the play button and let the rough side drag. That’s what the weekend is for.

– Josh

Retrocution: A “Slave to the Passion” two-fer from Ultraboss!

So, yeah, I guess Rosso Corsa’s well and truly back, aren’t they? After a gap of nearly a year between releases, the label’s returned for the second (and third!) time in a month with an absolutely stellar 1-2 punch from Vienna-based producer and guitar virtuoso, Ultraboss, titled Slave to the Passion. Released a week apart on June 23 and 30, the two albums in this set contain some of the catchiest synth jams you’ll hear this year, and make for an absolutely terrific, combined listen. So let’s dissect, shall we?

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