Initial Descent: March 28 – April 3, 2021

Wode – image courtesy of Phillip James Torriero

We’ll be crossing April Fools Day this week and maybe this is when we find out that all this shit has been a cruel April Fools joke. We won’t and don’t get your hopes up. One thing that isn’t a joke is this week’s list of new metal, let’s do that now; first up is a new one from black metallers Wode who absolutely kill it, again. Next up is a pair of black metalish albums; a weird but good one from Sleepwalker and a death metal leaning one from Unflesh, and rounding out the top slots in intergalactic death metal form is The Beast of Nod—think of a favorite sci-fi space flick then put this on as the soundtrack. Tasty. So, brave the jokes this week with some extra smart ass and go buy some stuff off this list. 

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CANTO: RIP Alexi Laiho, updates from Unflesh, Pustilence, and More

It’s a heavy day in the metal community.

  • We lost a great one today, with the news of Alexi Laiho’s passing. The former guitarist and vocalist of Children of Bodom was only 41, and the exact cause of his death is unknown at this time. It goes without saying, but our thoughts are with his family and friends. Not sure about anyone else, but the playlist is going to feature a lot of Bodom on my end this week.
  • Alright, let’s try and move on to other news from today. Pustilence have signed on with Memento Mori. The Australian death metal trio, who formed back in 2018, are preparing for their debut release some time in 2022. Something to keep our eyes on over the next year, I suppose.
  • Blackened melodic death metal crew Unflesh, featuring former members of Solium Fatalis, have announced an April 2nd release for their sophomore album, Inhumation. Check out an album teaser here, as we await a new single.
  • And we’ll close with something a little lighter. Here’s a new video from Burn Down Eden for “The Five Horseman”, which should hopefully help things end on a more amusing note. Enjoy.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

Initial Descent: May 20 – 26, 2018


I’ve been experimenting with some bottom shelf bourbons as of late. Most of which should just stay at the bottom but I have found a couple of real gems that will be occupying space in my cabinet until everyone else finds out about them and they quadruple in price. And no, I’ll not tell. Anyway, if experimenting with new things is something you do we have a treasure trove of new metal this week. Kicking this list off is Oregon’s melodic black metallers Uada with their second full length Cult of a Dying Sun and they’re still melodic, still crushing but with an extra pinch of experimentation. Next up is Witch Mountain with their first full length since acquiring a new vocalist and yes, she KILLS IT so check out Witch Mountain and see how good their bluesy doom really is. Moving along is Svalbard with their, vicious hardcore / black metall..ish sound and a very important message in regards to the times we live in, new album It’s Hard To Have Hope — not only is the music a kick to the face but the message is a kick in the pants to dust yourself off and fight the good fight. Last up in the opening slots is New Hampshire’s technical (NOT TECH) death metal band Unflesh with their debut Savior which is not just technical but melodic in all the right places AND it’s a ton of fun so hopefully these guys will get signed soon. There you have it, the opening four. But — you guessed it — we have much more in store so stick around. Cheers! Continue reading