Initial Descent: July 3 – 9, 2022


Here in the States we’re celebrating Independence Day which means a lot of things that…you can look up on the interwebs. These days, it’ll be celebrated with tons of fireworks that will go on for far too long, all the breweries will be kept afloat for the next month or so just off this one day, and many of us will have the day off. Whether you celebrate or not, today also means a fresh new batch of metal releases that kicks off with a trio of death metal albums; first up is a vicious one from Altars, second up uncovers some delicious deathgrind from Defect Designer, and the last of this trifecta is of the brutal death and slam variety from Organectomy. Then we’ve got a wicked stoner doom effort from Telekinetic Yeti, and, as always, a long list of other releases worthy of tracking down. Whatever you’re doing today, enjoy, and we’ll be seeing you here throughout the week.

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CANTO: Deathwhite, Cave In, Deathbringer, and More

This busy week just got infinitely busier.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

Album Review: Atoll — “Prepuce” (EP)

Atoll - Prepuce

If one were ever on the hunt for a brutal death metal album that features snippets from Family Guy, has a distinctively vile title with equally vile but comedic song titles, and exorbitant pig squeals, look no further than Prepuce from the Sonoran Desert madmen, Atoll. There must be something in the water…er…sand there since that area has been churning out some incredible metal for some time now and as the PR speak says of this EP, “pure American brutality,” Atoll fit the bill. But also take time to make you laugh, hysterically. 

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Initial Descent: April 10 – 16, 2022


Feel free to feel how you want about this statement, but I’m just over here basking in the glory of the metal 2022 has brought us thus far and several you don’t even know about yet that will knock the socks clean off your crusty feet. Speaking of new metal, we’ve got a full listing and a few of these are at the level of ‘knocking socks off’ so let’s get to it… Kicking things off are a couple of top tier brutal death metal entries from Analepsy and Atoll which have my full attention. Then, we’ve got another MASSIVE doom outing from Seer, a progressive and slightly technical outing from Monuments, and a bloated list of other records worthy of your time and hard earned dollars. Just keep some of that change for new socks, eh?!

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Initial Descent: January 9 – 15, 2022


Now that ‘best of’ season is almost behind us (key word: almost. Also, I’m going to miss it.), what’s everyone hoping to get this year from the metal world? While we don’t have a looking glass to see past these first few months, I’m optimistic that 2022 will have some epic releases to offer by the time December rolls around again. Maybe. We’ll see. Anyway, we’re leading off this week’s new metal list with three that could certainly fit the bill of ‘most anticipated’ and we kick those off with another doom stunner from Mizmor, Wiegedood’s darkest and most surprising album to date, and a blackened deathcore body blow from Worm Shepherd. For the second full week of January, this is a hell of a start. PLUS, there’s several more in the list that follows. You know what to do from here.

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