Initial Descent: April 9 – 15, 2017

Craven Idol
Craven Idol

Well, we’ve made it to the eve of Easter. For you youngsters out there be mindful of time as it happens and seize the moment, you will get older and time will fly by so fast you’ll miss everything. Speaking of seizing the moment, there’s tons of great metal to enjoy this week so let’s get to it. Craven Idol lead us off with their second full length of blackened thrash, The Shackles of Mammon — full review and interview links are moments away and worth every second of your time to investigate. Next up is Vaiya with their mesmerizing take on atmospheric black metal and first proper full length Remnant Light. Moving on, Buckshot Facelift melt ears, faces and everything else within hearing distance with their heady mix of death metal, grindcore and powerviolence on Ulcer Island. Hexis show us how blackened hardcore violence is properly put to tape on Tando Ashanti, and old school thrashers Blood Feast are back with their first release in 28 years, The Future State of Wicked, and honestly you have no idea how much you’ve missed them until you hit play on this wicked good album, get it — trust me. As usual there’s much more in store to take up all your time so feel free to stay as long as you like and sample everything there is to offer, after the jump. Continue reading

Album Review: Vaiya – “Remnant Light”


“Atmosphere” in black metal can mean many different things. For Rob Allen, the driving force behind the Australian solo black metal entity known as Vaiya, that atmosphere took on multiple aspects: the sense of air and space in the acoustic and folk elements that made the bulk of two single track EPs, and the vacuum of that same air as each track evolved into a storm of swirling guitars and drums, trapped behind a membrane you could feel barely holding the back the maelstrom. On Vaiya’s first proper LP Remnant Light the air has been sucked out completely, leaving little behind except the suffocating black metal now free envelop and smother the listener in its frenzy.   Continue reading