Best of 2019: Dan still likes metal, but maybe not writing?

Best of 2019

Oh look, it’s been over a month since my last post.

Related: I don’t really know if I like blog writing anymore?

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Album Review: Vehemence – “Forward Without Motion”

Vehemence - Forward Without Motion

It’s been 11 years since the last album from Arizona’s Vehemence. That’s not quite as epic a wait as we had for the latest At the Gates release, but still… it’s a long time. Lucky for them, the melodic death metal landscape hasn’t changed too drastically in that time. For the most part, it relies on the same components it always has. On the band’s new, fourth fulllength, Forward Without Motion, they adhere to the core melodic sensibilities of the genre which makes for a better, more focused effort. Continue reading

CANTO: A New Video from Lindemann, Album Sales, and the Return of Vehemence


Thirsty Thursday. Yes, I am still a person that believes that should be a thing. On it.

Told you. The song is a lot of fun, though.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

– Corey