Profile: Luciano of I, Voidhanger records.


i voidhanger recordsThere’s no denying that I, Voidhanger is one of the labels that critics and fans alike have to stop and recognize at this point. With a roster that includes Ecferus, Howls of Ebb, Spectral LoreVoidcraeftSkáphe and Dissvarth (to name a few) the label is poised to have a breakout season. With the Italian metal scene exploding lately, we here at Nine Circles wanted to know more about the mysterious Italian man behind this international label. Thus, we sat down with Luciano and banged out short profile for you get familiar. Continue reading

The Nine Circles Podcast – Episode 33


The guys lose their damn minds over the Migration Festival headliner announcement, (Panopticon!! Playing alongside Obsequiae, Nightfell, False, Fórn, Krallice and SOOOOO many others!!) then dig into new albums from Obscura and Voidcraeft. Plus, a celebration of NO-MORE-FOOTBALL-FOR-SEVEN-MONTHS!!!!

All that and much, much more in Episode 33, so check it out!

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Album Review: Voidcraeft -“Ἕβελ”


Little is known about the one-man black metal project out of Karlsruhe, Germany that is Voidcraeft. Conceived from the mind of one referred to as قرف (don’t worry, I’m not sure either), a self-acknowledged recluse fascinated by pessimistic literature, Voidcraeft’s latest Ἕβελ is a journey through dark nihilism and emptiness. And these concepts are presented with some of the more complicated black metal structures you will experience. Complex on a both a sonical and intellectual level, Ἕβελ seeks to challenge an audience on all levels, and succeeds in doing so. Continue reading