CANTO: Völur, Ilsa, Amon Amarth, and More

Not really sure what to say here today. Where even am I?

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

Nine Circles Ov… June 2016

Photograph by our Dæmoness of Design, Jaci Raia. For more of her beautiful work follow her on Instagram or Twitter.
Photograph by our Dæmoness of Design, Jaci Raia. For more of her beautiful work follow her on Instagram or Twitter.

Not surprisingly, as its become a theme in 2016, May was an outstanding month for metal. Well, another shocker: June is just as good. On the larger side of things a new Thrawsunblat LP was released, there was a Blut Aus Nord / AEvangelist split, Vale of Pnath dropped an LP, Aaron  Turner’s celebrated sludge project Sumac put out an absolute burner and, thanks to Shadow Kingdom, Tombstalker finally got to release Black Crusades on vinyl. But where June really shocked was in the amount of smaller, quality releases. July is looking to change that fact with a bunch of super high-profile, high-quality releases on the horizon. But we will save those for the end. So, for now, let’s take a look at nine releases from June that knocked our (well at least my) socks off.

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Initial Descent: June 24, 2016

forteresse band
Forteresse (Photo by Catherine Leclerc)

Morning, y’all. What a weird world we’re waking up in. #Brexit actually happened yesterday, and while I hesitate to make knee-jerk, YOU’RE ALL FUCKED pronouncements here — I won’t pretend to know enough about the intricacies of it all to do so — it’s admittedly hard not to focus on it in the aftermath. I spent last night glued to Twitter in the wake of it all and didn’t get a ton of sleep, so our weekly whole new-metal distraction is most definitely a welcome one.

So, the new-metal distraction. What’ve we got this week? Well, somewhat appropriately, we start with Thèmes pour la rébellion, the latest from Québécois separatists Forteresse. Beyond that, we’ve got a new album from Mercyful Fate legends Michael Denner and Hank Shermann under their Denner / Shermann moniker, and new stuff from VölurKayo Dot and more. Check all that out below. For now, I’m back to the Twitter:
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Album Review: Völur – “Disir”


Somewhere in the malaise of post-rock and folk music lies Völur which accepts influences all the way from King Crimson to Warren Ellis. Yet, somehow, the band remains squarely within the realm of folk metal. Perhaps their influences are so diverse because of their Canadian heritage. Located on the continent of North America the band derives much of it’s quieter side from Americana while their heavier side tends to draw from the United Kingdom area. Regardless, Disir is a serious journey. An album abounding with peaks, valleys and rolling plains.  Continue reading