Concert Review: Behemoth and Myrkur (April 23 and 24, 2016)


Before I dive into the specifics of my Behemoth-filled birthday weekend, it’s worth noting that my excitement level leading up to these NYC and Boston dates betters that of any other concert event in my recent memory (outside of Wacken, of course). So don’t expect any negativity here… aside from my shit cell phone pictures. But you see, Behemoth is, by a distance, my favorite band and The Satanist is, by a distance, my favorite album. And of course, seeing this album played start to finish was simply something I needed to experience… at least once. So, with my birthday falling on the 22nd, the NYC show falling on the 23rd, and the Boston show falling on the 24th (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, respectively), the stars were aligning. My plan was pretty obvious. Continue reading

Concert Review: Behemoth at Webster Hall (April 23, 2016)

All photography courtesy of Johnny Perilla at NextMosh.Com

When I found out Behemoth was going to tour America yet again I was super psyched. I mean, the guys put on one hell of a show, are beyond polished musicians (no pun intended) and thoroughly seem to enjoy what they do. So I signed up. When I found out they were playing all of The Satanist in its entirety? Well I nearly lost my mind. I don’t know how everyone feels about Behemoth and I was certainly with people that prefer Demigod era, but, for me, and only me, The Satanist represents a pinnacle in their career, sound, lyrical underpinnings and live performance. So, after a few group emails, a date change and one birthday, a bunch of us got together and tramped on over to Webster Hall as a group. Continue reading

Stage Dive: Rowdiest Concert You’ve Seen?

Wednesday morning, and it’s time for another edition of Stage Dive! This week, we’re going to get into what should be a topic very near-and-dear to all of your hearts. This week, let’s discuss…


mosh pit

As a metal fan–not to mention a fan of heavy music in general–it should go without saying that I’ve been to my fair share of wild gigs. Carcass’s headlining performance at Maryland Deathfest in 2013–when the crowd was so merciless as to physically force down some of the side barriers at the old Sonar compound–comes to mind. But still, nothing compares to my favorite rowdy concert in recent memory–Kvelertak‘s headlining set at the Studio at Webster Hall in May 2013.

Normally, when you think of rowdy concerts, you think of audience members as the primary perpetrators of said rowdiness. But in this case, it was more down to the band members themselves than the (to be fair, pretty romping) crowd. Want a taste? Check out this gig photo from Invisible Oranges:

Photo by Harriet Roberts / Invisible Oranges

Now I won’t take anything away from opening acts Black Tusk and Cancer Bats (okay, maybe I will from Cancer Bats; they kinda sucked as I recall), but it really was all about Kvelertak here. For those who don’t know, Kvelertak is a six-piece band–with three guitars, a bassist, drums, and a vocalist. And the Studio is not what you’d call a huge stage–even less so when it’s packed with amps, drums and other gear. So the guys had to get creative with the space. Singer Erlend Hjelvik jumped into the crowd, mic in hand, on more than one occasion. Bassist Marvin Nygaard took it a step further, at one point climbing into the crowd and beginning to play whilst hanging from the pipes lining the ceiling. And then, there was guitarist Vidar Landa, who did…well, this:

The only picture I managed to take all night. Instagrammed it because of course I did.

That would be the Studio’s bar, where Landa–following Nygaard’s lead–climbed to, atop audience members shoulders, before proceeding to sit down, drink a beer, and take a guitar solo.

Mind. Blown.

The show was an instant classic (if you don’t believe me, check the rest of that Invisible Oranges album), and ended up as one of the maybe five best shows I’ve ever been to. I’m not sure I see it losing its spot any time soon. Kvelertak immediately became one of those bands that I will see any and every chance I get, whether they’re opening or headlining. They should be for you as well.

What do you think? Make sure to post your choices in the comments!


Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.