Initial Descent: April 14 – 20, 2019

Dead To A Dying World
Dead To A Dying World – photo courtesy of Kathleen Kennedy

Didn’t we just do this? Just confirmed and it has indeed been a week. Anyway, much metals to tend to this week and since I can’t manage to figure out where the hell a week went let’s just get to it.

You know, I haven’t had an album completely captivate me as much as Dead To A Dying World’s third full length Elegy has, it’s like listening to GY!BE In one ear and blackened doom in the other but as the minutes tick off it transports your mind to some decaying world that’s all too familiar. And that production, hoooo boy – get this in your ears. Moving on to a pair of albums that excite and charge me; the first is Mork’s Det Svarte Juv which brings the early Norwegian black metal strain roaring back to life in a way that is as cold and chaotic as it is warm and vibrant, yea I know that may be impossible to understand but once you hear it, you will. The second of these is Finnish black metal vets Förgjord who lay down a viciously scalding 41 minutes on their fourth effort Ilmestykset – why do these excite me? Mostly due to this pair being what I want to hear when I want to hear black metal, period. All this leads us to Allegaeon’s fifth outing of technically busy, progressively minded, melodically leaning, and best may I add, Apoptosis. They shed some of their shell here but add so much more depth, Charles has the run down so click the full review link when you get there.

So much more to go and I’m just surprised another week hasn’t gone by already… Continue reading

Initial Descent: January 1 – 7, 2017


First off, our hearts go out to all those affected by the shooting spree at Fort Lauderdale Airport. This is a senseless and disgusting act that will leave an indelible mark on many survivors. Our thoughts are with you.

Hard to talk or think about much else but we do have several new releases that will avert your mind from atrocities elsewhere. This week we have XIII from Mordskog and its a scathing and ferocious black metal album that will have fans of the second wave cheering, Endless Floods goes the total opposite direction on the droning and ambient doom of II and The Vomiting Dinosaurs blend death, thrash and grindcore in a refreshing and extremely catchy kind of way on Exoplanets. That’s not all, see what else is in store after the jump. Continue reading