Blood Red: Hooptober Se7en – Week Five

It was the week of sequels…it was the week of video nasties.  It was also the week of a damn fun anthology film.  October is finally getting to its true form, with temperatures dropping (at least here) and the leaves moving from the beautiful array of colors to crumpled and dead at my feet.  Only a few weeks left to get this marathon completion, and then maybe I can focus on actually writing a metal review or two.

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Blood Red: Hooptober Se7en – Week Four

Greetings and salutations, friends and fiends.  Peeking out from under the covers to see if the world has gotten any better since last week and…uh…yeah, nope.  Gonna just get back under here with my pretzels and beer and VCR and see if playing more horror movies will help improve things.  At least we got some hilarious tweets about that fly in Pence’s hair.

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Blood Red: Hooptober Se7en – Week Three

I don’t know what to tell you.  Anything I can write about in this post can’t and won’t compare to the terror and insanity I’m seeing every time I click on Twitter, or check my news feed on my phone.  The weather has finally moved to the brisk and golden autumn I crave every year, but it’s tainted by a growing horror that we might never escape the insanity of the times.  There’s nothing left to say when you’re watching films about masked killers,  satanic witchcraft and throat emerging aliens just for a spot of normalcy, you know?

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Blood Red: Hooptober Se7en – Week Two

Blood Red on a Tuesday?  You must be mad!  

Or lazy and forgetful…it’s been a whirlwind of horror watching and garage sales (surprised at how few people went for the $1 a CD bin when I had some killer Bathory and Blue Aus Nord in there*), so we’re a bit behind in posting these recaps.  This week kicked off with a wicked 90s Italian tax on House of Wax with the gory Wax Mask before evoking enough nightmare fuel for the entire month in The Lighthouse.  Thank god that movie was fantastic because I was able to ride the high while watching the truly awful remake of Cabin Fever before becoming only a little confused watching Ringu 2, the second sequel (as in the second time a sequel to the film was made) to the Hideo Nakata classic.  Then we wrap up with an obscure but twisted little gem in Fade to Black, which has nothing to do with Metallica but has everything to do with a guy who murders people dressed up like his favorite Hollywood characters.

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Blood Red: Hooptober Se7en: Week One

blood red hooptober 2020 week 1

It’s usually a bit of a mixed bag the opening week of Hooptober, but I managed to front-load some films I was genuinely interested and the results paid off: only one clinker (to my mind) in the mix.  We have to get the header image from last week’s post out of the way, so things kick off with the headtrip that is Frank Henenlotter’s 80s classic Brain Damage before moving on two indie gems: the dread-inducing Lovecraftian plague of The Beach House and the the super-fun DIY sensation of Host.  One of my favorite action directors Timo Tjahjanto revels in his horror roots with the wickedly fun Raimi homage May The Devil Take You…and then there’s Wrong Turn 2: Dead End, which despite being directed by Joe Lynch and starring Henry Rollins falls with a thud for me.  Great axe-splitting opening, though…

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