Blood Red: Hooptober 9.0: Week Three

Another Sunday, another slice of gore and horror. This week we go all over, hitting an interesting take on Lovecraftian horror with Glorious, a schlocky Alien ripoff called Creature, a classic giallo with the wonderfully named The House With the Laughing Windows, some 70s regional low budget horror with more on its mind in Night of the Strangler, and finally another schlocky ripoff, this time of Piranha with the bug infested The Nest.

As always you can read the full reviews over at Cinema Dual. In the meantime, smoke ’em if you got ’em…

Wes is having a hard day. Fresh off a particularly painful breakup, he and his belongings need a candy bar and a break so he stops at an innocuous-looking rest stop. My greatest fear is realized when a deep, friendly voice starts to talk to Wes from the stall next door. But since this is not a movie personally geared to my fears and anxieties, things escalate when Wes is trapped in the bathroom and the voice explains Wes was chosen to save the universe, and it involves that suspicious glory hole…

(full review here)

The world is competing for mining rights across the galaxy. NTI, the American branch finds something on Titan, one of the moons of Saturn before crashing into their home base. The startup Shenandoah is launched to discover what was found and crashes not too far from their German competitors from Richter Dynamics. What’s worse, being attacked by an interstellar creature with the ability to control the dead, or being stuck on a spaceship with Klaus Kinski? I know which one I’m picking…

(full review here)

Young artist Stefano comes to a remote village in order to restore the fresco of a famous painting in a church. The artist Legnani really has a way with evoking the reality in his paintings, most of which portray various agonies with the fresco depicting the famous martyrdom of Saint Sebastian. In fact, the fresco looks a little too realistic, and Stefano soon finds that maybe the images are based on real murders. Soon enough he’s embroiled in a mystery the whole town seems to be in on. What happened to Legnani? What’s the story with his twisted sisters? Who’s killing off all the people interested in finding out the truth? And finally, what is it about the abandoned house in the country, the one with the laughing mouths painted on all the windows…

(full review here)

You know what what Dan hates more than his slacker brother Vance? BLACK PEOPLE! When Dan and Vance’s sister Denise tells them that she’s dropping out of college because she’s pregnant with her black boyfriend’s baby, Dan is enraged. Soon enough Denise’s boyfriend is assassinated which triggers a chain of events that leads to multiple deaths? Who is the killer? What does all of this have to do with Father Jessie, the recently returned priest who’s just trying to bring everyone together? And can anyone get over Mickey Dolenz in this thing? IS THE FATHER BLACK ENOUGH?

(full review here)

The sleepy island town of North Port really needs business to pick up. Good thing the Mayor made a deal with experimental research facility Intec to funnel money in the town. But what is that research, and why are so many people turning up either missing or dead? And what with all the cockroaches? It’s up to the local sheriff, the hot daughter of the Mayor and a pest control technician (don’t call him an exterminator) to save the town before millions of mutant insects devour us all…

(full review here)

Next week we’ll be taking in a few of the best recent horror films in the last few years, a werewolf/ whodunit hybrid and – fingers crossed – a good Hellariser movie.

Until then. keep it Blood Red.


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