Blood Red: Hooptober 9.0: Week Two

blood red week 2

We’re back on our normal roll, chopping off five films this week and slipping in the gore of the moment. As promised after the fun of X I went back to the beginning to revisit The House of the Devil, Ti West’s debut. Then it was off to happy place, visiting two slices of Hammer horror with The Gorgon and The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll. There’s a slight detour into animation with the wonderful Poe anthology Extraordinary Tales before settling in with one of the progenitors of the form, the 1925 Phantom of the Opera.

As always you can read the full reviews over at Cinema Dual. In the meantime, smoke ’em if you got ’em…

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Blood Red: Hooptober 9.0: Week One

It may seem like a slow start to 2022’s edition of the Hooptober Marathon, but in my defense it didn’t kickoff until Thursday this year, and I’m leaving for a baptism this morning so I only got four films in for Week One. Not too bad though, because we kick off with the silent classic The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, move on up to some delicious YA horror courtesy of executive producer Guillermo del Toro with Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, then move on to a 70s oddity that’s much better than its name – Mako: The Jaws of Death – implies before ending with Ti West’s breakout sensation X.

We’re already making some slight changes to the list (now that I’m all in on X I might revisit some Ti West films and catch Pearl while it’s in theaters) so let’s jump into those quick summaries and see if anything grabs you and drags you under the bed. This year you can read the full reviews over on Cinema Dual, the site I share with my buddy Jon. In the meantime, smoke ’em if you got ’em…

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Blood Red: Hooptober 9.0 is Here to Troll You and Your Family…to Pieces!

Man time files when the world is a dumpster fire and you’re wearing 10 masks and drinking Lysol to prevent the mutant hybrid of COVID, Monkey Pox and…Christ on Toast POLIO IS BACK?! When there’s this much horror in the world listening to extreme metal just isn’t enough, you know? That’s why we’re back, baby! And this time we’re…well we’re basically doing the same thing we do every year, but when that “thing” is checking out a ridiculous amount of horror films it’s okay, right?


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Blood Red: Hooptober 8.0 – Week Seven

Another year down, and right on the day itself. Let’s not waste words: there were some great films (Malignant, The Devil Rides Out) and there were some, uh…not so great films (Jack Frost 2, Halloween Kills). But we ended with a cool anthology in The Field Guide to Evil; a really strong blaxploitation movie that overcomes its limitations (J.D.’s Revenge); a Hammer facsimile with both Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee in The Skull, and a fun short from Cartoon Network in The Scooby-Doo Project.

We’re done, folks. Let’s hope the world doesn’t end so we can do it again ext year. As always, scan the summaries, check out the full reviews over on Cinema Dual, and I’ll see you next year… 

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Blood Red: Hooptober 8.0 – Week Six

Five more down…only four movies left. This is the penultimate Blood Red for 2021, and I’m surprised that there’s still some fuel, some drive to watch more horror. It helped that I put some emphasis this week on Hammer, one of my favorite horror studios. If you thought the studio was just the home for reimagining of some of the classic Universal monsters, then I humbly offer two fantastic films that stray from that path. Both Captain Clegg (aka Night Creatures) and The Devil Rides Out take a very different path, and also feature very different roles from two of the greatest horror performers of all time: Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. Nowadays the Indonesian film industry is getting its just credit with some incredible genre films, but if you want an early slice that feels like if Evil Dead met the work of the Shaw Brothers, check out Queen of Black Magic. And while I can’t in good conscious recommend Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman, I will tell you that I did laugh out loud a couple of times. Plus you get some really demented scenes featuring a snowman, so if that’s your jam, go for it. Finally, all that Hammer put me in the mood for some old fashioned monster love, so I checked out Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell and was entirely satisfied.

We’re almost to the end, folks. As always, scan the summaries, check out the full reviews over on Cinema Dual, and I’ll see you in seven days… 

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