CANTO: Tribulation, Pallbearer, 1476, Soulfly, and More


Isn’t it fun when I skip these things for like a month straight?

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– cmb

Initial Descent: March 26 – April 1, 2017

falls of rauros
Falls of Rauros

Here we are on April Fools Day and I got no jokes, no tricks and no BS. But I do have tons of metal so slap the first person that pulls some nonsense on you and tell them there’s no time to waste. The metals are waiting. Leading off are the black/folk metal phenoms Falls of Rauros with their fourth album Vigilance Perennial and honestly if you’ve never heard them let this be your call to get on that, QUICKLY (see below). Next up is Coldfell with their debut Coldfell which blurs the lines of black and doom metal extremely well and so much so you’ll have a hard time distinguishing between the two. Marching on, Mastodon release their seventh full length Emperor of Sand and for any of you with doubts rest assured there’s a pleasant surprise in store. And Our Season Draws Near from 1476 rounds out the top four slots in style with their exceptional mixture of post black metal, folk, ambient and punk — that’s a mouthful for sure but trust me when I say it works beautifully. If you’ve been following along you know what’s next, for those just visiting for the first time thank you but we’re not done, much more to follow right after the jump. Continue reading

Exclusive Album Stream: 1476 – “Our Season Draws Near”

1476 - Our Season Draws Near

New England’s 1476 have always found a striking balance between shoegaze, neofolk and ambient — this combination is what has made their past work so thoroughly engaging. On their fourth album — first for Prophecy Productions — Our Season Draws Near this balance is at its best. Now, however Neil Derosa and Robb Kavjian explore post black metal in addition to their already proven formula. Today we are thrilled to offer an exclusive stream of the full album ahead of its March 31st release date. Take a listen after the jump. Continue reading