CANTO: Saturnus, Alcatrazz, Lucifer, and More

I just. Need. To get. To the weekend.

  • Kicking things off, we have Saturnus. Today they shared “Breathe New Life”, which serves as the first single taken from their upcoming new album. Give it a listen here. The Storm Within is set for a June 16 release through Prophecy Productions.
  • 1914 is reissuing Eschatology of War on August 4 through Napalm Records, the preorder link for which can be found here. Not gonna lie, those variants are pretty sick. Unfortunately, since I never received my copy of Where Fear and Weapons Meet, I think I’ll be sitting this one out.
  • Lucifer is under Nuclear Blast these days, and to mark their first material with the label they unveiled a video for a new single titled “A Coffin Has No Silver Lining (The Sistine Version)”. Give it a watch and listen.
  • We’ll close out with the new video and single from Alcatrazz, “Bring On The Rawk”. Their forthcoming album, Take No Prisoners, is out this coming Friday (May 19) through Silver Lining Music.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

Best of 2021: Corey’s List

Best of 2021

Is that it? Am I the last one? Dang. Again. Wait, maybe one more to come… Anyway, I guess I’ll start this off on my soapbox as always, by noting that I truly cannot comprehend where we are as a society. Well, I suppose I can, which is even more frustrating. If 2020 wasn’t a brutal enough year (not in a good way), 2021 seemed to serve as an appropriate encore. Seemingly everything we experience in life has been weaponized for political gain in one way or another, a global pandemic has been widely accepted as an endemic thanks, in part, to widespread misinformation, and, just as bluntly, climate disasters resulting from human activity are on the brink of running rampant for the duration of humanity’s remaining existence… however brief that may be. And those are just my three favorite, non-personal, items to discuss in our corner of the universe. It sucks, and I’m burnt out. Optimism has completely faded at this point, and I’m ready to run screaming into the woods. But hey, cheers to 2020, right?!

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“What Did They Say?” Early 2019 Faves From the June AOTM Episode

angry abbath

Did you listen to the June Album of the Month podcast episode?  Did you do the homework?  Did you think we would leave you hanging?  Fear not, for below you will find a quick list (with links to boot!) of all the albums mentioned by the Nine Circles crew as early 2019 favorites.  Dive in, take a listen, and let us know what else is killing you so far this year.

*Note: Abbath isn’t actually in this list.  That is an oversight, because I’ve been loving Outstrider.  But any chance to post a picture of Abbath can’t be passed up, so… Continue reading

Wake Up and Smell the Satan! – September 16, 2016


There was a time when mortals fought noble wars. Humans impaled on barbed wire. Gassed to death in their trenches. The suffering and the stench pleased Him. Sometimes bands and artists understand this and create art reminiscent of a time when you filthy people actually stood for something and fought with your lives as if they were valuable. Today you hunker in your holes, scared of death, scared to meet Him. Scared to have your flesh ripped from your bones. Scared to see your organs laying on your groin while you die in immense pain. It’s pathetic. Continue reading