The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 147 (9.19.2020)

playlist - mixtape

Another Saturday and another chance to look behind the veil of what we’ve been jamming recently. Let’s face it, the world is shit right now BUT, shit in, shit out. So, how about we all hit play at the same time and just float away on the ether of the latest from doombringers Pallbearer, or metalcore from Jesus Piece and FINALLY some new Raging Speedhorn. Same can be said for the new Of Feather and Bone joint and a new funeral doom epic from Frowning. All that and some classic 3 Inches of Blood and Power Trip and Vincent drops yet another The Mountain Goats track for good measure. But, that’s only the beginning so hit that play button below and float off somewhere better than where we are at the moment. Happy Saturday.

– Josh

The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 122 (3.28.2020)

playlist - mixtape

Welcome to another Saturday morning playlist. We live in weird times but great new music is still here to carry us through. Case in point, this week I’ve brought you the newest one from The Ruins of Beverast and Ulcerate (Stare Into Death and Be Still is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated albums by our staff). Anton also brings in the new one from Aversio Humanitatis, which is another album I’m hotly anticipating. And for something a little different, we are including ‘Slaves to the Grind,’ a documentary about the grindcore scene at the end of the playlist. So check out the tunes and get some culture in you, all at the link below.

– Vincent

CANTO: Cobalt gets a new frontman, Revocation gets a new drummer, and more!

cobalt band 2015
(Image via Profound Lore)

FRIDAY! That is all. Actually no, that’s not all. I’m seeing Rush tomorrow and couldn’t be more pumped for this weekend. There…that’s all. Let’s do some Canto, shall we?

  • Remember when Erik Wunder kicked Phil McSorley out of Cobalt for being a racist piece of shit? Well, he’s found someone new: ex-Lord Mantis frontman Charlie Fell!
  • Speaking of lineup changes: Revocation have found a replacement for drummer Phil Dubois–it’s Ash Pearson from 3 Inches of Blood. Convenient, since those guys won’t be around much longer anyhow.
  • The folks at Metal Injection compiled a series of nice tweets from metal musicians reacting positively to today’s landmark gay marriage ruling in the Supreme Court. Hey look, it’s another thing Phil McSorley’s not a part of! (Because batshit)
  • So Shadows Fall is apparently still a thing—who knew?—and they announced some late summer live dates around the Northeast. Nice to see a run of three gigs in a row without a “TBD.”
  • Finally, the Night Flight Orchestra (otherwise known as the dad-rock side project from Soilwork’s Björn Strid, Arch Enemy’s Sharlee D’Angelo and others) posted a live video of their new song “Living for the Nighttime.” And the song’s kickass, so you should watch it:

These guys should do things here in the States. Soon. Anyway, I’m out, kids. Enjoy the weekend!

Keep it heavy,

CANTO: A Day of Farewells (3 Inches of Blood, certain Dillinger songs, Maynard’s hip)

three inches of blood

Little bit late on this tonight, so let’s not waste any time–here’s (here are?) your Canto for the day:

Myrkur’s debut album, M, will be out on Relapse Records on August 21. Good stuff. Anyway, that’ll do it for us. Check back tomorrow for the old you-know-what.

Keep it heavy,