Album Review: Mizmor — “Wit’s End”

mizmor wit's end

From its early days as an anonymous project beloved by diehards of the underground to its current status as a festival draw, the rise of Mizmor has been a sight to behold. I remember discovering this band through word of mouth years ago and wondering why I wasn’t seeing more people talk about them. Now that mastermind ALN has signed with Gilead Media and is playing fests like Migration and Roadburn…I still find myself asking why I’m not seeing more people talk about Mizmor, particularly within the last few years. The band’s music has always been good, but after Cairn and his expansion into ambient territory alongside live member Andrew Black on Dialetheia, Mizmor appears to be going through something of a renaissance, and new (ish) EP Wit’s End is the next step in that evolution.

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Album Review: Urzeit – “Anmoksha”

“Anmoksha” album art by H. V. Lyngdal

The Pacific Northwest seems to have no limit to the amount of talented artists it spawns, particularly when it comes to the realm of black metal. One such act is Portland’s Urzeit, who have just released their first full length, Anmoksha. Having been a fan of the band since their 2014 compilation tape Die Geschichte bisher (one of the first cassettes I have ever owned) it is my pleasure to bring you my thoughts on this outstanding album. Continue reading