The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 169 (2.20.2021)

playlist - mixtape

Hello and welcome again to another Saturday morning mixtape. This week, we have the excellent new single from Gojira, my favorite Sad Boy Jams, and quite a bit more metalcore than we’ve had on here in a while. Check it out below.

– Vincent

Album Review: Årabrot – “You Bunch of Idiots” EP

Årabrot - You Bunch Of Idiots

Closing out a trilogy that has touched on biblical incest to erotic (ahem) arts and now the dark fallout of it all, Norwegians Årabrot have returned with the new EP, You Bunch of Idiots. This thing plays out like some extremely dark comedic spaghetti western set in a backdrop of a nuclear fallout threat. All of their past brash and noisy trademarks are here, but this time out the focus is more on a rock-based delivery. Continue reading