Album Review: The Slow Death – “Ark”

Where men have failed to carry the melodic vocal load, women have aptly stepped in to show them the path. Bands like Ides of Gemini, King Woman, Myrkur and The Wounded Kings have shown that women are not only equally capable of fronting melodic metal acts but are often more effective than their male counterparts when it comes to stoner and doom metal.  Gone are the days of men singing like Brad Delp of Boston or John Spinks (RIP to both) of The Outfield.  Why have a man stretch his vocal range to the limit when a woman can provide a fuller experience at the upper registers? In support of that theory, Mandy Andresen, front-woman for Australian doom metallers The Slow Death (also of Crone and Murkrat) provides an absolutely stunning performance on the band’s third full-length, Ark.

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