The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 19 (11.27.2017)


Tryptophan got you moving slow this morning? Or maybe it’s just because we’ve had a long weekend and now that’s over? Yea, I know it sucks and honestly I, and we, could’ve easily stayed in bed for another solid few hours but we’ve got another week to get underway and before you know it the weekend will be here again. Rah rah right? Look, I’m trying to help so bear with me, or not. Anyway, we’ve got just the thing for those Monday blahs in the form of a playlist of goodies we spent some time with recently. Being that we’re on the 19th volume of this thing, you know the drill by now: subscribe to our YouTube channel here then head inside to see what we got cooking. Enjoy… Continue reading

Album Review: Baphomet’s Blood – “In Satan We Trust”

Baphomet's Blood - In Satan We Trust

Despite having three full-lengths’ worth of thrash-laced speed metal under their collective belt, Italy’s Baphomet’s Blood have remained under the radar. And on their fourth LP, In Satan We Trust, the band doesn’t take any sort of “out of left field” approach and serve up something unexpected; instead, they’ve polished up both their songwriting and sound and come away with an album that should, by all accounts, garner them some very deserved attention. The album is not without its faults, but overall it showcases a band poised to climb to the top of the speed metal heap. Continue reading