Chaos is Me: May 2020

infant island band photo

Welcome to another edition of Chaos is Me. May brought us some of the best screamo this year has seen yet. If you don’t know, take a look under the cut.

And as they say: dance tonight, revolution tomorrow.

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Best of 2017: Fábio Da Silva of Annihilation


We recently featured Annihilation in a Profile of rhythm guitarist and founding member Fábio Da Silva which you can check out here. Their latest album The Undivided Wholeness of All Things, released last month, is yet another testament to what is capable in brutal, technical death metal while not falling into any of the typical traps of either. Put plainly, it’s a stellar release so obviously, we are excited to bring you his best metal picks from 2017. Continue reading

Profile: Tommy Mirgiannis of Merchant


When you see a band likened to YOB, and particularly a relatively new band, the knee jerk reaction is to shrug it off. It’s easy to throw that kind of weight around and not deliver. But every once in awhile the stars align and this sort of promise actually comes to fruition. Such is the case with Australia’s Merchant on their upcoming second full length Beneath. From the majestic opening moments and subsequent heavy-as-a-ton-of-bricks approach on “Guile as Vice” to the cavernous swagger throughout “Succumbing” this band seems older and more seasoned than many of their counterparts. Since forming in 2014 they have a demo and Suzerain, their debut full length, under their belts and while Suzerain was thick with beefy riffs and soaked in fuzz, Beneath completely eclipses its predecessor with better songwriting and the kind of awe-inspiring feel that we’ve come to expect from this genre’s veteran statesmen. Just ahead of the album’s release we had the opportunity to ask Tommy Mirgiannis (vocals) our set of Profile questions so read on to see what he had to say. Continue reading